Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Green Thumb

Ben and I spent the entire weekend relaxing at the house. We decided that we will start a little tradition.... to plant a tree at our house in honor of each baby we have. So, this weekend, we planted Jellybean a tree at the house. Not like a creepy "love fern" from the movie How to Loose a Guy, but we thought it would be sweet to plant a tree in their honor wherever we live at the time. So, here's our Jellybean's Japanese Maple tree. Its so pretty and right by our front door.

View from the walk way.
Close up of the leaves. We just love these types of trees and think it will really enhance our house, just like our new little darling will.
My Tomatos are coming in! Cant wait for summer salsa and bruschetta from the garden!

My herb garden, Just love having these at my fingertips. the newest plant is the on the far right... its a Meyer lemon plant. Hoping to have some this summer! If not, at least its pretty!


  1. You are such a cute foodie- a meyer lemon plant! of course!! ;)

  2. that is so sweet! I love the tree idea Linds! Would you guys come to my house and make my yard look pretty too! ;)