Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend with the Brewers/Elkins in Dallas

Last Weekend the Brewers/ Elkins came to Dallas for a visit. Thank goodness they brought the humidity with them... it was a hot weekend in Dallas! ha. jk, its been very unusually humid up here. But we didnt let it stop us, we played all day with the twins, visited Ben's office downtown, played on a playgroud, and shopped too! We had a wonderful time catching up with family and adoring those precious boys. Here's a few pix of the weekend

Uncle Ben played with the boys in the yard. They played baseball, set up the pool, and ran throught he sprinklers too. They're 3 and a half and they're all boy!
Daddy Dave got chased by the hose!
Look at that fun sprinkler!

Those smiles could just melt anyones heart!

Big Boy Conner

Big Boy Nathan
Visiting Uncle Ben's office.

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