Thursday, November 19, 2009

So what....

So what that my Christmas tree is up by November 17th... with new bows and new garland decor... so what?! To me, once Halloween and my birthday are over, its Christmas. Even Starbucks uses their red cups in the beginning of November.

I'm planning on outside lights this weekend, decorating by spiral trees in front, and finishing all the little cutesy stuff by Saturday. Including... my Christmas China! Ben never understood Christmas China... he would say, so then what do you use the regular china for? It was one of those "you're over-ruled" moments. Regardless, i'm thrilled to get into the Christmas Spirit!

I'll post pics once everything is in place. I still have all the mess that the Christmas boxes bring.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Challenge update

So when I contemplated my recipe challenge, i didnt account for my travel. I've traveled during the week for the past 5 weeks, so i have to give myself a little bit of slack. I dont want to be the girl from the movie, exhausted at midnight making a chocolate cake or coq au van.... not going to happen.

I have managed to squeeze in a few- including this fabulous "The Ultimate Rigatoni" recipe. Its a baked pasta dish that could feed an army. It was delicious and looked so Italian and rustic.

Here's the link on food network- Tyler hits a homer on this one.

Papa- Papa- Razzi!

I never thought I'd be able to relate to a Lady Gaga song... but people are singing the Papa Papa Razzi song to me... well thats because Ben surprised me for my golden birthday with a fabulous Nikon DSLR camera. Its safe to say Im obsessed. I took 1200 pictures in 7 days. Yes, obsessed.

Since I work from home and dont see anyone living until Ben gets home, most of my pictures are of my gardens and plants. But when i get around people, the paparazzi in me cant be controlled.

Here are a few of my fave pics I've taken so far. Unfortunately, halfway through our halloween party, i figured out my focus was on manual... so i got some good ones, but not a lot.
Enjoy... plenty more to come.

Walker Zolfo, the sleeping angel

Beautiful Melissa, the Bride to Be

Proud Papa, i caught Matt in the middle of a belly laugh

My Caladiums nestled in my pittosporums

My fav rosemary... trying out that zoom effect thing

Sweet Potato Vine... going to die when it gets below freezing, but i'll enjoy while i can

My Roses.

Jello Shots in Action...

Darling Walker

Baxter, the firstborn

Im a Bad Blogger

So, according to my lack of posts, you'd think things have been boring for us lately. Quite the contrary, we've been all over the place this past October. We had my parents in town, went on a trip to Galveston with the ODonnells, Had Hayley girl visit Dallas for a weekend, went to Baylor for Homecoming, and had CHuck and Melissa come visit and a Golden Birthday halloween party... yes, we've been all over the place.
I've also been traveling quite a bit during the week. Lately, i've been to Fredericksburg, VA, Sioux Falls, SD, Nashville, Cincinnati, and then I'll be in Milwaukee in a few days. Its really crazy going to all these random places, but its really been fun seeing all different parts of the country. I've seen the most gorgeous trees changing color in the VA/ Nashville area- a girl from San Diego is not used to this stuff.
Here are a few pics from the latest happenings:

Tony Soprano, Oompa Loompa, and Plaxico "I shot myself" Burress

Chuck meets Walker

The Future Rowlans! We're so happy for yall

Blake came to visit Hayley girl in Dallas

Hayley, the Karaoke Diva!