Monday, December 21, 2009

My Sorry attempt at a Birthday Cake

So, I had this grand idea to bake the Cover Cake of the December Southern Living for Ben's Birthday. I thought, i can follow a recipe well enough that i can do this with a little bit of extra effort.

I have never been more wrong in my life. I'm working on a Letter to the Editor that includes a requested phrase "Beware of Flying Icing" or "Do not attempt at Home without Professional Supervision" or "Prepare to fail you sorry thing!"

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but I'll replay one scene for you. I have two horrible looking chocolate cake layers, a not so fluffy chocolate ganace layer in between, two batches of horrible white icing that half of it is in my hair, the other half on the floor, i'm trying to cover the ugly crumbly sides of the cake with the icing but it has hardened and wont move.... and then my husband, the birthday boy walk in during the chaos! He had to help me clean the kitchen and get the goop out of my hair before our guests came over. How do you spell Disaster? C-A-K-E!

THis is what its supposed to look like...

Here's some happier moments from his Bday.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Turkey, Fishing, Rockband, Golf, Playdates, Christmas China?! We've been busy!

We've been having lots of fun the past few weeks. We went to Palm Springs for our Family Fest Thanksgiving with the Grimsleys. Beatles Rockband, Gingerfizzes, Golf, Shopping, Cooking, and a Jackpot on the nickel slot machine... we covered it all!

Family Fest Beatles Rockband

Dad's Smoker... im very proud. Turkey, Brisket, and Pork Butt all in one week. THe neighbors all stopped by bc they could smell the meat all the way form the street!

Saints are 10-0!!!

We were singing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and Nolan said out loud "Marshmellow Pie?!" It was precious!

Family Fest

Sunrise on Black Friday... Hayley dragged us to Best Buy to look at TVs... yes, she didnt pull the trigger and buy anything, but at least i got this pic!

Kenny and Nolan riding bikes on the Norman Cartpath

He was peddling so hard up the hill daddy had to help! SO CUTE

Nolan catching the ball...almost! I caught the miss in mid air... and he's wearing his Reggie Bush Jersey too!

The Trot that never was... we made Tshirts with cute sayings for the Turkey Trot, but we showed up and the event wasnt until the next day! But at least We looked good!

My Darling "Cousin-Nephew" Hunter... his shirt says "Chick Magnet"!

Nolan and Daddy Fishing! I love the pond's reflection.

Boys going to Golf

My Mom's amazing backyard in the desert

Nolan and Kenny Catch a fish on Hole #7 of the Norman Course

Walker Zolfo came over for a "Playdate" at my house! Too bad there's nothing for him to play with... we'll work on that!

Nolan on the Driving Range... loved the clouse and the green... this is not photoshopped... pretty proud!

My holiday table... im so upset that my Christmas china pattern is discontinued from Williams SOnoma... oh well, i'll just have to get another one!

Some of the presents under the tree.. still shopping!