Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Walker Day

Sunday, we were invited to celebrate sweet Walker's Baby Dedication at church this week with the Zolfos family and friends. He's looked like an absolute doll and he did so well up in front of church with mom and dad. Matt and Lindsey were so sweet and hosted a luncheon after church to honor her little guy! After lunch, Walker was even kind enough to show off and show us his new crawling and pulling up tricks... he's got a little ham in him! Thanks Matt and Linds for including us! Its so fun to watch your lil one grow.
As you can see, Walker is used to being around pretty ladies! He looked SO Darling in his handsome outfit.
Walker also found a new girlfriend in Baylie, he kept giving her kisses and hugs... SO cute!!
BTW... please excuse the side shot... preggo girl needs to learn she's not allowed to stand on the end anymore!

1 comment:

  1. you are so cute! I think it is so neat that Walker appears to have so many gorgeous aunts close by...he will never be at a loss for advice on girls ;)

    AND...I'm thinking we need at least ONE belly pic!