Thursday, June 24, 2010

17 Weeks

To the tune of "the Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music".... "Lindsey is Alive, in her 2nd Trimester! La la la la!!"

Ok, so maybe not that dramatic, but i need to express how much better life is outside of the 1st Trimester. So Much! I feel back to myself again. The thought of food doesnt scare me, it actually thrills me. The horrible feeling in the morning right after you get out of bed is no longer there. I wake up and no longer need a saltine. I'm walking and working out a little bit better, just trying to stay active. And my energy is up and relatively high all things considering. All in All... i'm enjoying this phase of pregnancy.

So the part that has been conspicuacsly absent from all this pregnancy bliss talk is the whole expanding waistline. I'm trying to get used to the idea that things will not look the same on me. I put away the short shorts, spagetti strap tanks and jean skirts (thats was actually a funny story, i thought it might fit a few weeks ago and couldnt even get it over my butt). I've traded in my old attire for some maternity shorts, loose dresses and the longest tank tops and ts i can find. I've even brought rebirth to a few old things i wore in high school... i had these roxy and hard tail elastic waist skirts to go to the beach in... now, they work for maternity wear. Who would've thought i was so forward thinking?!

Cravings. Nothing really crazy. Anything with Salt is usually in the cards for me. Edamame with Soy sauce, Actually anything with Soy Sauce. Queso and Salsa. Mushrooms. Hummus and carrots. I keep thinking about an In N Out burger... need to get one when i'm back in SD this summer. Spicy Red marinara sauce. Any veggie dipped in Ranch... do you get the picture? Salt. Not cake or ice cream or donuts. Salt. Need to watch out i dont get Kankles and puffy hands from all the salt. However, i think they're probably inevitable.

Dreams. So, i kept reading in my books about these Pregnancy dreams and hadnt had one until a few weeks ago. Now its like the AMC theater everytime i go to bed. I usually have a series of 3 or 4 very vivid dreams. Its like i wake up and have to ask Ben if that really happened. I dont really remember too many and the ones i do are scary, so i'll post any funny dream stories once i can start remembering. As TO says, Bring your Popcorn!

My books say Jellybean is the size of the palm of my hand! How cute.

Finally - Gender appt is tomorrow. We cant wait to find out. Ben's thinking Boy. I think its wishful thinking. I go back and forth. Who wants to put in a guess... In true Brewer Fashion, we should have a pool or something. We bet on everything else, why wouldn't we bet on our baby's sex? ha.

Almost 18 weeks and counting... Almost Halfway through!!


  1. my vote is girl. mainly because I saw the most adorable metallic gladiator sandals for baby girls and I almost bought them. so, I need an excuse to go back and get them!!! :) good luck tomorrow! we can't wait to hear the news!

  2. guys will love either, but I'm going to go with girl because Tris is so fun! And you might be the healthist pregnant person I've ever heard of- carrots?? Hummus?? who are you?? ;) I was downing pints of ice cream at this point!

  3. so excited for you guys! Just found your blog:) If we ever get back to Dallas we will have to get our little ones together:)