Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Out Yoga-ed...

Yes, its true. I got out Yoga-ed by a 60+ year old man. I went to yoga for the first time in a while yesterday. I used to really like it, then kind of got out of it bc i liked going to the gym with Ben in the mornings. Well, lets just say, i was really rusty.

So, i show up at our gym early to make sure i get a spot. I'm there, warming up, getting really excited about starting a new hobby again. I'm getting my "Ohmm" on and before i know it, i'm the only person in the class other than a 60+ year old man. I mean, i was hoping to kind of hide in the back of the class so i wouldnt stand out at how rusty i am. Oh no, that wasnt the plan. I had a yoga duel between me and this man.

So we get started and the teacher and the yoga man are really to rock. The teacher puts her mat right in between us and acted as if she was a personal trainer. But I was the only one needing the personal training. Half way into it, i'm panting, loosing my breath, shaking in downward dog and sweating so much that my feet are slipping. While Yoga man and teacher are in the zone and just going to town Namaste-style.

By the end of class after i'm 100% mortified at my shameful loss in the yoga battle, I start talking to the teacher and she says, "When was the last time you did yoga?". I wanted to say,
"was i that obvious?!".

Regardless, i enjoyed it and will go back. Its a wonderful way for me to strengthen my back. I just need to find some more people to go with me that i can hide behind.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look at what else has bloomed!

Reagan Elizabeth Jones has arrived, our newest little St. Philip Girl Blossom. Lauren, Kenny and Nolan welcomed Reagan last week into the world. She's an absolute doll and I cant wait to meet this little angel.
Reagan, your Auntie Lindsey loves you already!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Bloomers

Spring is beginning to Spring.... My lorepetalums have bloomed and that is always the sign that Spring is around the corner. These are some of my favorite plants we have. Its the best color pink to bring in Spring. Hope you enjoy.

Arent they just the happiest plants?!

They look like little pink pom-poms! Just love them!

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Shout Out to the Man in Overalls

And No, i'm not referring to Ben.
Dan, Liz and his Chainsaw came over to help Ben take off a few more bad tree limbs. Liz and I had a martini while the boys got some work done. When Dan comes over to work, he means business... and he's got the work overalls to prove it.
Thank you to Dan for helping us!!

Just another day in Paradise

Ben asking Dan to cut down a neighbors tree, just bc he didnt like it. Dan obliged and got it down the old fashioned way- just kick the darn thing.
The caption for this picture should be something along the lines of the old "Shakin' Bake" commercials.... you know, when the little girl says "Its Shakin' Bake, and I HELPED". Thats what i see Ben saying... and I HELPED! (Ok, probably one of those family inside jokes, but you get the gist)
Oh yea, and we broke out the smoker for a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. I love this thing.
Ready for Spring... cant wait to take pictures of my plants coming in.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Broken Arms and Tree Heaven

I almost titled this blog post "What the Brewers have been spending their money on lately" as it is very applicable. The Largest Snowstorm in Dallas history made historical marks on the Brewer house as well. We lost a large limb off our gorgeous Live Oak in our front yard. Luckily, our Tree Man was able to save the tree and salvage the poor thing. I felt like i was watching a child have a broken arm or something... i was very upset watching this happen. Here's a few pix of our Live Oak's repair and after the "broken arm".

While our Tree Guy was fixing our lost limbs, he warned us of our "not so pretty" tree in the backyard that needed to be taken down. It was beginning to die from the inside out, and he said anyday we'd loose it along with our garage and fence! So, We said get rid of it! Here's a few pics, its amazing to me how these guys cut these trees down.
He got the Limbs Down. (I didnt get a good "Before" shot, so he're it is Halfway through)
Then went the Trunk
The Pile Up
Look how sick this tree was.... really sad. I guess it really was its time.
Off into Tree Heaven.... where all Hackberry Trees belong anyway!!