Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lindsey the Dogsitter

Im dogsitting for Lindsey and Matt Zolfo's dog while they are at the hospital giving birth to their baby boy Walker Matthew. We're just on pins and needles waiting to hear the good news
about the new baby. So Baxter and I sent Mama Linds a little note....
I've been enjoying the little guy. He's just been a great little house guest. He will sit around and watch me work and just lay in his bed. He greated the electrician at my house and didnt have an accident, and we went on a little walk around the house before it started to rain. Its pretty fun having a little buddy around here.
I think Baxter and I are going to catch Oprah on tivo and start making dinner....

Tyler's Ultimate

So far i've made 4 recipes from my cookbook... keeping to my 2 a week. I've made the Ultimate Coleslaw, Ultimate Ratatouille, Ultimate Salmon and smashed potatoes with peas, and the Ultimate Chicken Wings. I'll say so far its 3 for 4 homeruns, 1 out. The Coleslaw, Salmon, and Ratatouille were fabulous. I've posted the Ratatuille recipe bc i had to share it. The wings, were dull and boring... not good at all. Here's a few pics of my successess this past week!

Salt and Pepper Salmon with Smashed Potatoes and Peas- fab

The Ultimate Coleslaw

The Ultimate Ratatouille- i only knew the name bc of the disney movie... had no idea what it was until i read the recipe. Its just a veggie dish that you make in stages- eggplant, zuchinni, onion, tomato and some anchovies for kick!

Here's the recipe scanned.

Mom and Dad in Dallas

I love when mom and dad come visit. We have so much fun! They took another one of their famous Roadtrips... San Diego to Dallas to Austin to Houston in a three week span. I cant believe they drive that long, but am so glad they did it.

We had a ball... i taught mom and dad the art of eating like a texan...we broke out the smoker and made chicken and brisket. It was quite an event, starting with a trip to Bass Pro Shop. They've never been before, as a matter of fact, i've never been except one time prior to taking them. They couldn't believe it... its seriously an event. So we got our chips at Bass pro, fired up the smoker and cooked all day for 9 hours... it was SO good and a hit. I think they've already put one on the wishlist for a christmas present from the girls...

Here are a few pics- Mom and Ben

Me Celebrating a great homeade BBQ dinner and Mat and Lindsey got the wishbone

... we wished for a baby delivery that night, but didnt get it. ha!