Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is here.

So instead of the Day after Labor Day putting away all my white and linen, I get down (Ben gets down) all my fall stuff from the attic. I LOVE fall. My house looks so cute this time of year. It means football season, chili on Sundays, fall leaves, my birthday!!, crisp, not cold air, and all sorts of apples are in season. I just Love it.
Here’s my table d├ęcor

Here’s my new entry room buffet/ table. We found it at Weirs on Labor day and got a great deal. Also, we hung our new red/ orange pottery barn curtains in the opening room window. I don’t know why its taken me 2 years to even think about putting up drapes, but they look so pretty and really open the room up

Julie and Julia… I have not lost my inspiration.

So, I posted about a month ago about doing a Cook through a Cookbook. I gave myself until Labor Day to start/ choose my book. Well, I’ve chosen to cook through, “Tyler’s Ultimate” by Tyler Florence. Tyler Florence is a foodnetwork chef who is from South Carolina but lives in NY and San Fran. He’s a southern guy with very high level of training. His show is called Tyler’s Ultimate, and the concept is that he makes a traditional staple dish, such as meatloaf or spaghetti carbonara, and makes the “ultimate” version of it. He doesn’t cut corners, uses butter, and makes every thing looks seriously good. I couldn’t think of a better book to start out it.
I cant wait to start.
If you read my previous blog post, you’ll know that I’m very busy with work/ travel/ weekends have been packed. So, the past two weeks were a bad time for me to start. But, I’ve committed to myself that my first dish will be made by this weekend, when my parents come in town. I’ll try out the first dish on them. I’m deciding between the Ultimate Ratatioulle or the Ultimate Salmon. I’ll blog all about it… whether you like it or not!

Dallas, Nashville, San Antonio, Dallas, Altanta, Sioux Falls, Minneapolis, Dallas. Tired.

This has been my travel schedule inclusive of cities that I’ve been delayed in more than 2 hours… excuse me I mean 5 hours.
Work has been pretty busy the past month of so. Its fun traveling to cities I’ve never/ would never have gone to. I get to see the Airport, the nasty taxi cabs, the Hilton Garden Inns, and the Hospital Administration office. Talk about sight seeing.
I’ve been to Nashville probably 15 times in the past 2 years. I’ve never been downtown, I’ve never been to a honky tonk, and I’ve Never seen ANYONE famous. I am seriously ready to change this… I’d love to run into Brad Paisley or Carrie Underwood at the grocery store!!
Anyway, I post b/c I just spent 5 hours in Atlanta tonight on Delta. In a 5 hour span that was supposed to be 1.5 hrs, they changed gates on me 4 times… even terminals. It was so stressful / annoying to be toting around a suitcase and laptop bag on that tram. Very annoying.
The only upside to the delay is that I got to see the first half of the Cowboy game and the National Anthem.. my fave part.
Downside is I’ll get probably 4 hours of sleep then present a financial model at 9am and have different meetings until 2… and then do the travel thing all over again.
Im tired just thinking about it.

We’re Ready for Walker.

Saturday, I had the pleasure of co-hosting Lindsey Zolfo’s baby shower with my dallas girlfriends for her 3 week away baby boy, Walker Matthew. We cant wait to meet him.
The girls and I had so much fun planning the shower, and it really turned out to be so darling. We made a great team and put together a very classy, but comfortable party. We used our china plates and glasses and real forks… it was fun to use my china for the … first time!!
Here are a few Pics
Lindsey and Mrs Walker
W cake for Walker
Lindsey and Lindsey
The Hostesses

The Spread

NFL Season Kickoff Week 1… and Oh what a week it was.

I LOVE Football. I grew up watching the triumph and mostly tragedy of Saints games, went to Baylor during the darkest days of Football, watched the Chargers get oh so close but no cigar to the Superbowl, became a Texan fan while cheering and hoping David Carr would only get sacked 4 times during one game… rather than the usual 8.
I seriously deserve to be a fan of a good team. I’ve earned it.
So we hoped. And were let down once again. We were absolutely deflated by the Texans Home Opener week 1 loss to the “in my opinion over-rated rookie USC QB and the Jets”. We thought we had it in the bag. Plus, the Texans have had quite a bit of hype … all things considering. But, my bad karma strikes again. The Texans not only played terribly, the play calling was less than sub-par, and as my dad would say, they looked like chumps.
But Mrs Linda, Mr Darrell, Ben and I had the worlds best tailgate prior to the slaughter-fest. We grilled Hot and Spicy Brats and cooked Vidalia onions in Shiner Bock. Slapped it on a bun and mustard, seriously the best football tailgate food ever. We had tailgate neighbors that got wind of this and were begging for the last half. They offered us homemade deer sausage in return… only in Texas.
Here’s a few pics.

The Tailgate with Mr Darrell Mrs Linda and B

I was in charge of the grill... as i always prefer!

We're ready for a good game!

On our way into the stadium!

We didnt take pics after or during the game... not exactly a kodak moment!

Now, I will say, things might look up for us this year, The Texans beat the Titans at home in week 2… maybe I just need to stay home and they might win.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bridesmaid, Broken Window, Bears, and Belts?!

My blogging hiatus was due to traveling and really busy with work and just didnt want to look at a computer. But to update you, I've highlighted 4 words that help sum up our strange and interesting 2 weeks.

BRIDESMAID: Ben and I went to San Diego to celebrate Joelle and Jasons beautiful wedding in San Diego. It was a gorgeous weekend filled with lots of fun celebrations for the couple. The bride was stunning and the groom was a very happy man that weekend!I dont have pics from my camera but will post some either from the photog or when i get a cd back from kodak.

Also, got to see the Jones family for dinner and played with Nolie Canoli! He's helping Nana water her plants... he's such a great learner now. Too precious for words!

BROKEN WINDOW: After their amazing wedding, Ben and I went to Palm Springs with the O'Donnells for a getaway weekend. It was awesome and much needed Rand R. The weekend was suppossed to be Rand R... rest and relaxation. But ended up being more "Rite" a check and Reimburse.

Ended up that we had a window casualty, a chaise lounge and possible broken toe casualty, and a Margaritaville pitcher casualty. I wont name names, but i can tell you I didnt break the window and the check came out of our bank account.

Other than the break stuff weekend events, we had a ball!
Had fun playing golf

Liz kicked my butt playing golf!

Dinner at Arnies!

Signed Arnold Palmer's 80th Birthday card!
BEARS: We were thrilled to see our Baylor Bears won this weekend against Wake Forest. Such a great game... Yes, Hank Williams Jr... We're ready for some football. NFL starts this weekend and I have my fantasy team all set up.
BELTS?! Forget it... i'll save this story for another post. Its really so "Jeff Lewis" . There. That will give you a reason to check my blog later.