Wednesday, May 26, 2010

13 Weeks

I thought i'd document a few pregnancy milestones as we approach them. For me, 13 weeks is a big milestone. The sickness has gone away, getting energy back, and kind of officially feeling pregnant. Its the last official week of my first trimester, so i thought i'd document a few moments that either were signs of me getting pregnant or major OMG i'm pregnant moments:

- Well, i think we all figured out my "Out-Yoga-ed" post might have been foreshadowing. That was the day before i found out i was pregnant. I didn't think anything of it, just that i was seriously out of shape. Nope, let's thank Jellybean for embarrasing me in Yoga Class

- First day of morning sickness was in Palm Springs with my family. I told my parents that i felt seasick and dizzy and starving all at the same time. My mom and dad smiled and said, thats morning sickness and made me a bagel. ha.

- Over Easter, the "Easter Bunny" brought me two baskets, one for me and one for Jellybean. Tear!

- One morning, i woke up at 4:30am to do the usual potty break... I'm usually up 2-3 times a night for this. Anyway, i couldnt go back to sleep and realized why... I was absolutely STARVING at 4:30am. How could this be possible? So my sweet husband got up and made me a large bowl of cereal. He's just the best!

- Ben and I were on the way to a nice work event. I was excited bc it was a buffet. How sad is that. Anyway, we got in traffic on the way there and was so hungry I got a case of the "Dry Heaves". Yes, the Dumb and Dumber moment in real life. Poor Ben just turned down the music and drove faster. Disgusting!

- Ben and I spent about an hour in "Buy Buy Baby"... a Bed Bath and Beyond for all Baby stuff. After the woman showed him the Bugaboo stroller that has adjustable shocks, he looked at me and said, It's time to go. Ha!

- No real weird cravings yet, but Chinese food, Pickles, and Beans and Rice from Mexican restaurants have all been top of the list these days. I have even asked for a second serving of beans and rice at Mi Cocina. I have not been able to look at asparagus, the thought and smell of them creeps me out.

- Last week, i started getting on the workout schedule in the mornings with Ben again. I ate a little cereal before i went bc i knew i'd get hungry. After the eliptical machine and some arm weights, i got back to my car and started the heaves again bc i was so hungry. I quickly drove myself to the bagel shop and devoured it in literally 3 minutes flat. There goes the point of that workout.

- My Favorite "Mocktail". Equal Parts Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, and a splash of Sprite. Its absolutely fabulous!

- The Bump. I think in the past 3 weeks i've finally seen a substantial bump. It no longer looks like i've eaten a cheese burger, it now looks like the beginnigs of the bump. Jeans dont fit, shorts can fit with a rubber band around the button, shirts arent long enough anymore. So you can imagine how fun it is getting dressed these days!!

13 weeks and Counting. More milestones to come.


  1. all so exciting! well, some are more exciting than others. you are going to be so gorgeous with that bump! and i know your 2nd trimester will be a dream - no more morning sickness!!!!

  2. I remember making Brian pull over so we could go through the Church's chicken drive-thru and get a biscuit I was so hungry one time! Good times of pregnancy :)

  3. I saw the cutest pregnancy clothes at Target last week, and I used to love Gap and Old Navy maternity clothes...They have 'low rise' pants...i hated those belly bands on maternity pants. :-) Enjoy it. My fav pregnancy drink was Odouls in a frosty mug...

  4. so exciting!!! cant wait to see that little bump! i love the idea of planting a tree for each child - so sweet! i gotta try that 'mocktail' next time!!!

  5. Linz - when are you finding out the babys sex? I just started to organize all my old baby clothes and sell them to some moms in the neighborhood...If you are having a sweet little boy I have tons (too much really) cute stuff that would have your name all over it.