Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bridesmaid, Broken Window, Bears, and Belts?!

My blogging hiatus was due to traveling and really busy with work and just didnt want to look at a computer. But to update you, I've highlighted 4 words that help sum up our strange and interesting 2 weeks.

BRIDESMAID: Ben and I went to San Diego to celebrate Joelle and Jasons beautiful wedding in San Diego. It was a gorgeous weekend filled with lots of fun celebrations for the couple. The bride was stunning and the groom was a very happy man that weekend!I dont have pics from my camera but will post some either from the photog or when i get a cd back from kodak.

Also, got to see the Jones family for dinner and played with Nolie Canoli! He's helping Nana water her plants... he's such a great learner now. Too precious for words!

BROKEN WINDOW: After their amazing wedding, Ben and I went to Palm Springs with the O'Donnells for a getaway weekend. It was awesome and much needed Rand R. The weekend was suppossed to be Rand R... rest and relaxation. But ended up being more "Rite" a check and Reimburse.

Ended up that we had a window casualty, a chaise lounge and possible broken toe casualty, and a Margaritaville pitcher casualty. I wont name names, but i can tell you I didnt break the window and the check came out of our bank account.

Other than the break stuff weekend events, we had a ball!
Had fun playing golf

Liz kicked my butt playing golf!

Dinner at Arnies!

Signed Arnold Palmer's 80th Birthday card!
BEARS: We were thrilled to see our Baylor Bears won this weekend against Wake Forest. Such a great game... Yes, Hank Williams Jr... We're ready for some football. NFL starts this weekend and I have my fantasy team all set up.
BELTS?! Forget it... i'll save this story for another post. Its really so "Jeff Lewis" . There. That will give you a reason to check my blog later.

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