Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Julie and Julia… I have not lost my inspiration.

So, I posted about a month ago about doing a Cook through a Cookbook. I gave myself until Labor Day to start/ choose my book. Well, I’ve chosen to cook through, “Tyler’s Ultimate” by Tyler Florence. Tyler Florence is a foodnetwork chef who is from South Carolina but lives in NY and San Fran. He’s a southern guy with very high level of training. His show is called Tyler’s Ultimate, and the concept is that he makes a traditional staple dish, such as meatloaf or spaghetti carbonara, and makes the “ultimate” version of it. He doesn’t cut corners, uses butter, and makes every thing looks seriously good. I couldn’t think of a better book to start out it.
I cant wait to start.
If you read my previous blog post, you’ll know that I’m very busy with work/ travel/ weekends have been packed. So, the past two weeks were a bad time for me to start. But, I’ve committed to myself that my first dish will be made by this weekend, when my parents come in town. I’ll try out the first dish on them. I’m deciding between the Ultimate Ratatioulle or the Ultimate Salmon. I’ll blog all about it… whether you like it or not!

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