Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NFL Season Kickoff Week 1… and Oh what a week it was.

I LOVE Football. I grew up watching the triumph and mostly tragedy of Saints games, went to Baylor during the darkest days of Football, watched the Chargers get oh so close but no cigar to the Superbowl, became a Texan fan while cheering and hoping David Carr would only get sacked 4 times during one game… rather than the usual 8.
I seriously deserve to be a fan of a good team. I’ve earned it.
So we hoped. And were let down once again. We were absolutely deflated by the Texans Home Opener week 1 loss to the “in my opinion over-rated rookie USC QB and the Jets”. We thought we had it in the bag. Plus, the Texans have had quite a bit of hype … all things considering. But, my bad karma strikes again. The Texans not only played terribly, the play calling was less than sub-par, and as my dad would say, they looked like chumps.
But Mrs Linda, Mr Darrell, Ben and I had the worlds best tailgate prior to the slaughter-fest. We grilled Hot and Spicy Brats and cooked Vidalia onions in Shiner Bock. Slapped it on a bun and mustard, seriously the best football tailgate food ever. We had tailgate neighbors that got wind of this and were begging for the last half. They offered us homemade deer sausage in return… only in Texas.
Here’s a few pics.

The Tailgate with Mr Darrell Mrs Linda and B

I was in charge of the grill... as i always prefer!

We're ready for a good game!

On our way into the stadium!

We didnt take pics after or during the game... not exactly a kodak moment!

Now, I will say, things might look up for us this year, The Texans beat the Titans at home in week 2… maybe I just need to stay home and they might win.

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