Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Green Chile Cookoff and Draft Central

Saturday Wink and Erin Challenged me to a Green Hatch Chile Cookoff... come up with your best recipe using the chiles. Of course, i was up to the challenge. So the ODonnells came over to help be unbiased taste-testers and we were set for a party.

The Hungry Crew

Me and Mrs Liz

Bring it On Wink!

The Dual: The Watkins Green Chile Polenta with Shrimp and red sauce Vs. My Roasted Chile and Tomatillo Chicken Enchiladas
The Spread... Dan was a happy man

Seriously, they were both Fabulous... but the clear winner was Wink and Erin's Polenta and Shrimp... I think he cheated b/c he used Bacon!! So, i humbly gave Wink the win for this round, but we're already scheming up the next round.... maybe Chili? maybe BBQ?

We also had the St. Philip Fantasy Football Draft this weekend... its a big deal this year b/c i won last year and had a trophy made. I really like the trophy and i want to keep it in the house... only way to do that is to win!

My team highlights: Carson Palmer (I'm banking on this being his year), Felix Jones- my Cowboy homer pic, and Steven Jackson. I wanted Romo so bad... but mom beat me to the punch.
Draft Central- Ben's team highlights: Tom Brady... he said "He cant get hurt again", Steve Slaton- Texans homer pic, and Chad Ochocinco... we're hoping for some more Riverdancing this year!

Starting off the year right...

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