Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Julie and Julia. Inspired.

So i haven't blogged in a few days... I know you missed me! ha.

Well, this weekend was low key, and much needed low key. We had a great evening at our friends the Watkins house for gourmet burgers and homeade cobbler... yum! Then Saturday, Ben took me to see "Julie and Julia" and I was in heaven... watching a movie ALL about food and the love of food. Needless to say, I was starving afterwards.

About the movie- I absolutely loved it. Meryll Streep makes a loving, charming, and endearing Julia Child. Amy Adams is loveable and even though her character has really bad hair, i still thought she was darling. The story makes you want to be the both of them and live their separate lives. Ben even "enjoyed it for a chick flick". He's the best.

About the Inspiration- So the feeling I had leaving the movie was, "I can do that too"! Now, for those who have heard about the movie, Julie Powell cooks all 524 recipes of Julia Child's in 1 year. Now, if i did this, i'd gain 50 pounds and have absolutely no social life. Not my idea of inspiration. So, i am planning on cooking my way through a cookbook (hold that thought) and cook 2 recipes per week. However long it takes me, i think its a realistic parameter and a great set up for an adventure in cooking. I dont have time/ real reason to go to culinary school, but i think of this as new way to cook / learn things i'd never learn otherwise.

Back the the cookbook thought- I'm working on it. I'm tetering between Ina Garten's "Back to Basics" and Tyler Florence's "Tyler's Ultimate". These are the first two that came to my mind b/c i adore these chefs cuisine and style on Food Network. I'm still deciding and entertaining new ideas. I want to find a cookbook that i am excited about the food and also feel that i'll want to replicate for years to come. I also dont want to pigeon hole myself into one cuisine that i end up tired of by the end of the year. And and all recommendations are welcomed! I am giving myself until Labor day to decide. So, stay tuned.

I will post notable moments about my "Adventures in Cooking" on this blog. So pay attention as you please. And for those of you who live in Dallas, expect an invitation to dinner at the Brewer's to help us eat all this food i'm going to conquer.
So, here's to an exciting start. Look forward to telling myself to Bon Appetit!


  1. Oh my gosh! I've been wanting to see that! I totally think you should do it! I would love to, except I would do baking :) of course.

  2. That was a similar New Years Resolution that i had...I chose 1 "new" recipe a week...many of them came from my new Houston Junior League Cookbook but also many were from other great sources. It is fun and makes cooking dinner or baking exciting. Enjoy.