Thursday, August 20, 2009

Restaurant Week in Dallas

Ok, So i just have to document my meal last night.

In Dallas, lots of restaurants participate in "Restaurant Week" where they come up with fixed menus for "affordable prices" to gain exposure, hype, etc. Its a great chance for "normal" people to try out really nice restuarants without having to take out a loan. ha!

So, we went to Bijioux, a French 5 Star restuarant on our side of town.

Wink and Erin, our foodie friends picked out this place... and oh what a great choice they made! Here's what Ben and I had between both our 4 course meals

Crispy Pork Belly- ridiculously good... i wonder why?!
Vichyssoise- French soup that was smooth as velvet
Braised Short Ribs with truffled mashed potatoes
Scallops that were so yummy
Pork Tenderloin with a corn succotash and some kind of delicious sauce
And... Blue Cheese wrapped in puff pastry for dessert... Oh my fave!!

What a treat! Now i need to get to the gym before i look like a Pork Belly!!

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  1. we went to restaurant week in Houston last week with our friends...we went to Flemings and of course had amazing steaks...but the bannana foster creme brultee was AMAZING!