Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend at Meggie's

This weekend, Meggie hosted the girls at her darling place in Shreveport. Jess, Taylor and I made a weekend of it with Meg. Meggie and her hubby of almost 1 year have a beautiful home and were so nice to host us girls for the weekend. Of course we had Shrimp Po’ Boys, Fried Green Tomatoes, drive through daiquiris, lots of girl talk, and a trip to the boats! I had to try my luck at craps for a little while… and low and behold, I was lucky! I won! Not a lot, but enough to go buy something that I don’t need!

We had a ball catching up. For brunch we went a “Southern Living Best Of Restaurant”, Strawns. It’s a diner like atmosphere with open kitchens throughout the restaurant. You can watch the lady on the stove cook your eggs and put that large dollop of butter on top.

Moment of Clarity for Me: You know you’ve become a Southern girl with Southern girlfriends when all four of us are debating whether or not to get a plate of Chicken Fried Steak to split amongst us along with our respective meals!! It was one of those moments where I thought, I truly have arrived as a Southern gal!

Strawns, The most DELICOUS Strawberry Pie! Debated about bringing one home, but thought a pie with 4 inches of whip cream + three hour car drive in black car + 100 degrees outside = a BAD idea! Will just have to visit during winter!

Meggie in her darling Kitchen. Look how cute she has fixed this up.

Drive Through Cajun Daquiris! Pretty Darn Good!

Daquiris at Meggie's house

Late night dinner at Joe's diner after our trip to the boats! Check out that greasy food!

Had a ball hanging with the College girls- just like old times!


  1. Oh my gosh! A north louisiana the land of the drive-thru daquiri. I'm so jealous :) At least you went to Strawn's though. It's the best. I miss you girls so much!

  2. how fun! I miss drive thru daiquiri's...we need them here in houston...we actually had one in College Station! Off to DC this weekend...thanks for the recomendations.