Thursday, July 9, 2009

Restoration to the Rescue

Today, they put in the cabinet frames and starting to paint the ceiling and walls. We finally chose our "mineral blue" color for the walls. I've looked at a million different paint samples and just couldn't find the right blue/ green. A friend of mine recommeded Restoration Hardware paint colors for the cool, steely, "mineral" blue. She says they just have the colors down- and I couldn't agree more! This is Silver Sage- it was the color inside the store, so it was so easy to decide if i liked it or not. So Restoration Hardware to the Rescue! Here are a few pics... hard to tell with the flash, but its worth a shot.

This is standing in the bathtub room facing the "Jack" side ( the one that opens to the hall)

This is the Jill Bath (guest room side) and new cabinet.

Jack Bathroom cabinet frame

Jack Bathroom- where the "commode" will go

You can kind of see the color better on this wall compared to the white wall.

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