Thursday, July 30, 2009

11 Pounder

To most people, it sounds very strange that I have a smoker- the California girl who grew up eating boca burgers and sushi every weekend-- but i'll tell you what, there is nothing better than brisket and chicken from a smoker! So, my sweet husband indulged my crazy idea and bought me a great electric smoker. Its amazing.

I took the smoker on a test drive with a small, trimmed brisket 2 weekends ago. Unfortunately it was really chewy and ended up in the food processor to become "Chopped Beef". After talking to my Smoke-Master friends, my hypothesis is that the meat needs to have the fat on it (i bought a trimmed brisket- thats like getting a Starbucks Non fat Latte with Whip) and it needs to be wrapped up in foil halfway through the cooking time.
Ben's family is coming in town this weekend and so i thought i'd give the smoker another try... I'll be darned if i let it beat me. So last night, Ben and I went to Sams and looked for "Briskets with the Fat" and naturally, i want the largest, most plump and fatty one there is. I dont want to take any chances this time! So, I chose an 11 pounder... it looks awesome!

Today, I've been looking at recipes to prepare for my big smoker debut. However, one strange thing that i notice is that most recipes call for "4-6 pound briskets". Wow... i'm in trouble. I'm either going to smoke the darn thing for days or serve it Tartare.

Here's the new Smoker ... this is definitely the Before picture. I didnt take an After picture b/c all you would see is Ben's tired jaws from my chewy brisket!

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