Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Weekend!

We are so lucky to have two of our best couple friends moving into homes within 2 miles of our house! Its been such a fun weekend celebrating our friends big move in weekends and relaxing for the long weekend!

Saturday we helped Dan and Elizabeth ODonnell paint their beautiful new home in our neighborhood. Dan helped Ben with the infamous flagstone project for our house, so we were glad to return the favor and help the ODonnells paint! We painted 3 rooms- one room took two coats! Thankfully, Liz had some Firefly Sweet Tea to help us keep going! Here's a few pics from our paint job... dont mind the hat or outfit!

Saturday Night we went to the Zolfo's beautiful new home in a neighborhood right down the road from us. We had a great Fourth of July celebration with friends. Ben couldn't resist giving Matt one of his favorite house tools for a housewarming present... the Headlamp! Ben uses it all the time... believe it or not, you never know when you need an LED headlamp!

What Brewer three day weekend would be complete without a little yard work?! Our Favorite nursery in Dallas, Jackson's, has an annual 4th of July sale that you buy one plant, get the next one for 4 cents!! This nursery is known for really beautiful, but expensive plants. So, its a great sale b/c you get 2 for the price of one. We planted 2 hydrangeas that will probably bloom next spring and 2 more "Yewtopias"- one of our favorite plants in our shady bed. Anyway, here's update of my Red caladiums and my hard workin man!

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  1. The front garden looks two have such a green thumb! Can't wait to see those hydrangeas Ms. Linds