Friday, March 5, 2010

A Shout Out to the Man in Overalls

And No, i'm not referring to Ben.
Dan, Liz and his Chainsaw came over to help Ben take off a few more bad tree limbs. Liz and I had a martini while the boys got some work done. When Dan comes over to work, he means business... and he's got the work overalls to prove it.
Thank you to Dan for helping us!!

Just another day in Paradise

Ben asking Dan to cut down a neighbors tree, just bc he didnt like it. Dan obliged and got it down the old fashioned way- just kick the darn thing.
The caption for this picture should be something along the lines of the old "Shakin' Bake" commercials.... you know, when the little girl says "Its Shakin' Bake, and I HELPED". Thats what i see Ben saying... and I HELPED! (Ok, probably one of those family inside jokes, but you get the gist)
Oh yea, and we broke out the smoker for a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. I love this thing.
Ready for Spring... cant wait to take pictures of my plants coming in.

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