Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Out Yoga-ed...

Yes, its true. I got out Yoga-ed by a 60+ year old man. I went to yoga for the first time in a while yesterday. I used to really like it, then kind of got out of it bc i liked going to the gym with Ben in the mornings. Well, lets just say, i was really rusty.

So, i show up at our gym early to make sure i get a spot. I'm there, warming up, getting really excited about starting a new hobby again. I'm getting my "Ohmm" on and before i know it, i'm the only person in the class other than a 60+ year old man. I mean, i was hoping to kind of hide in the back of the class so i wouldnt stand out at how rusty i am. Oh no, that wasnt the plan. I had a yoga duel between me and this man.

So we get started and the teacher and the yoga man are really to rock. The teacher puts her mat right in between us and acted as if she was a personal trainer. But I was the only one needing the personal training. Half way into it, i'm panting, loosing my breath, shaking in downward dog and sweating so much that my feet are slipping. While Yoga man and teacher are in the zone and just going to town Namaste-style.

By the end of class after i'm 100% mortified at my shameful loss in the yoga battle, I start talking to the teacher and she says, "When was the last time you did yoga?". I wanted to say,
"was i that obvious?!".

Regardless, i enjoyed it and will go back. Its a wonderful way for me to strengthen my back. I just need to find some more people to go with me that i can hide behind.


  1. Lol! Don't feel bad mom kicks my tail when I go to bootcamp with her! :) I too need to get back into my "yoga habit." It makes me feel so strong!

    ps. Reagan is gorgeous! Being an aunt is so much fun :)

  2. Oh Linds! Why don't we live in the same state! We would have such fun :) - This is from Megan