Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What we've been up to the past 6 weeks... Celebrating our Saints!

So anyone who knows my family know that we are crazy Saints fans... i mean, its practically our namesake. The St. Philips have been Saints fans through the good (though, there wasnt much of this), the bad and the ugly (there was a lot of this).

Superbowl Sunday 2010 is a day that will live in infamy for the "Saint"Philips. We were absolutely over the moon that our beloved team won the Superbowl. We've been through so much heartache for this team, that it was hard to believe we'd ever be a winning team, much less Superbowl Champs.

We were so Jaded that we even contemplated not letting my husband on the Saints bandwagon during the playoffs bc of his sports team's bad luck. Lets face it, his teams (The Texans and Baylor) dont have a good track record. My grandpa asked him to take a walk for 3 hours during the first playoff game bc he was worried about his karma. True story... Sounds like a true Saints fan doesnt it?!

But Ben proved his "New Dat" status and made great company in the St. Philip branch of the Who Dat Nation. The past month was filled with email wars, nola.com daily visits, lots of gumbo, and of course screaming our heads off at our TVs. Here's a few pics of our Who Dat Parties this past month.

Disclaimer: Saints Fans Fashion Rules are that there are No Rules. BeDazzels are Stylish, Cheatah and Saints Snuggies are acceptable, and Tacky Shirts are Good Luck!

Hayley and Mom show off the Saints Snuggies and Blankets!

The Three (soon to be four) girls Saints Fans... dont have a pic, but you should see Hayley's Gold Toms Shoes... amazing!

At Baylor, we called it Double-Greeking... when one wears more than one Sorority logo... Double Greek Equals Fashion Faux-paux. Double-Saints Gearing is absolutely acceptable in our Fam!
Lil Deuce and Nana and Paw. Nolan learned the Who Dat Song and Pants on the Ground in one day! He's so lucky to have Aunties that teach him so much!

BeDazzeling is coveted when it comes to Saints Gear

Singing the "Get Crunk" song with your entire family led by your Dad is totally normal. Dancing with Portable speaker is recommended to help get in the game.... or get crunk.
Notice the Shirt with Fleur D Lis and my Maiden Name written across my husbands chest. Yes, my family reunion made shirts with the Saints Logo. And Yes, Ben wore it with pride!

Can you believe they had these in Dallas! Definately a New Dat city!

The infamous, now good-luck wings. It will become a tradition to make wings for big games, it just worked.

Even Walker wanted in on the Game. This is right before he asked his dad to pass him his bottle. ha!

My partner in crime... Dillow is very helpful when it comes to the deep fryer.

Our Superbowl Mascot! Walker was such a good Saints Fan! He only cried once when I started screaming during the onside kick! Sorry Walker, couldn't Help it!


  1. From a fellow member of the WHO DAT nation, I am so proud of you guys for representin' in other places! We too had to blaze the trail here in Mississippi...when the season first started we were the only ones who watched the games...and now...well :)

    ALSO visit the lovely www.wwltv.com (my former station) for lots of Saints content and TRUE NOLA flava!

  2. Hunter recently learned the Pants on the GRound Song too...and Who Dat and Go Saints. He thinks whever he throws his football he is supposed to say GO Saints or GO Aggies. Its too cute. Glad yall had fun...I am a little behind on blogging myself and our Saints party pics will soon surface. Love ya