Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby its Cold Outside

Snow in Dallas... Yes, I said it. Snow. 12 inches in fact. Here's a few pics from our Snow day in Dallas.

My Beautiful Tree lost a large limb due to the snow/ ice on Friday. This is the view from my door, it just split from all the weight of the snow and ice overnight. Hopefully we'll be able to get this fixed by our tree guy.

This is the view of my house from my front door friday morning. It looks like Narnia...

This is the view from my house at 4am when we woke up from the huge crack sound of our tree breaking in front of our eyes. At least i got a good pic.
What i love about the whole thing is that the weatherman predicted maybe 1 inch of snow. Gotta love those trusty Weathermen.
This is the most snow that Dallas has ever seen...The closest day to compare to was in 1917 with 7.8 inches. So, this city absolutely shut down on Friday. Mostly bc everyone lost power. We lost power on and off on Friday but regained power in time to have our friends the Watkins retreat to our house to escape their cold house Friday night.
What a crazy past two days, it was so fun to enjoy the snow at our house. Other than our large live oak loosing a limb, we had a ball.
Still have probably 2 inches of snow on the ground... will enjoy the snow and make a snow angel or two while we can. After that, ready for Spring planting, warm weather, flip flops, and a tan.

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