Monday, November 9, 2009

Im a Bad Blogger

So, according to my lack of posts, you'd think things have been boring for us lately. Quite the contrary, we've been all over the place this past October. We had my parents in town, went on a trip to Galveston with the ODonnells, Had Hayley girl visit Dallas for a weekend, went to Baylor for Homecoming, and had CHuck and Melissa come visit and a Golden Birthday halloween party... yes, we've been all over the place.
I've also been traveling quite a bit during the week. Lately, i've been to Fredericksburg, VA, Sioux Falls, SD, Nashville, Cincinnati, and then I'll be in Milwaukee in a few days. Its really crazy going to all these random places, but its really been fun seeing all different parts of the country. I've seen the most gorgeous trees changing color in the VA/ Nashville area- a girl from San Diego is not used to this stuff.
Here are a few pics from the latest happenings:

Tony Soprano, Oompa Loompa, and Plaxico "I shot myself" Burress

Chuck meets Walker

The Future Rowlans! We're so happy for yall

Blake came to visit Hayley girl in Dallas

Hayley, the Karaoke Diva!

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