Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mom and Dad in Dallas

I love when mom and dad come visit. We have so much fun! They took another one of their famous Roadtrips... San Diego to Dallas to Austin to Houston in a three week span. I cant believe they drive that long, but am so glad they did it.

We had a ball... i taught mom and dad the art of eating like a texan...we broke out the smoker and made chicken and brisket. It was quite an event, starting with a trip to Bass Pro Shop. They've never been before, as a matter of fact, i've never been except one time prior to taking them. They couldn't believe it... its seriously an event. So we got our chips at Bass pro, fired up the smoker and cooked all day for 9 hours... it was SO good and a hit. I think they've already put one on the wishlist for a christmas present from the girls...

Here are a few pics- Mom and Ben

Me Celebrating a great homeade BBQ dinner and Mat and Lindsey got the wishbone

... we wished for a baby delivery that night, but didnt get it. ha!

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