Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lindsey's entered the Blogging World...

I hear there's no going back. Once you're a blogger, you're always a blogger. Well, here's to "Here Goes Nothin"!

I think this is the best way to keep in touch and send pictures. I'm getting tired of waiting 45 mins to upload pics to Kodak, not everyone's on Facebook, and so the next best thing is to blog!

As I create this blog, I'm sitting in my hotel room on a business trip to College Station. I usually cant sleep well in hotels, so i thought i should create a blog so i could start to get tired and fall asleep. Not a great idea... now i'm hooked on figuring out this blog thing.

So- this is my official first blog. Gotta go- Hannity is on talking about Sarah Palin... dont want to miss that!

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